April 2017 Meeting

Hello Quilters!  

This month we had a fun hands-on meeting.  We started with announcements:  

1.  Our mini-quilt swap is coming up in June!  Be sure to start working on this fun quick project.  Each of us will bring a completed mini-quilt, not more than 20" on each side, wrapped, for a swap.  Here are some links for some cute patterns for mini quilts:

2.  Next month, Sue Tubbs will be coming to show us her mini-quilts (we should get lots of great ideas for June!) Her speciality is taking other quilt designer's patterns (like Lori Holt, for example) and miniaturizing her quilts.  Plan on attending!

For Sew and Tell this month there was a definite theme - Comfort Quilts!  It seemed like nearly every completed quilt headed to our chosen charities (Safe Harbor and the Syracuse Police Department) after the meeting.

These first pictures are all quilt tops completed by members including Stormy, Margo, Jeanette, Marianne, Karen and Kim and quilted this past month by Kim

A fun jelly roll race Comfort Quilt completed by Margo 

Margo's completed Stack and Whack quilt that she demonstrated for us last month - love the interesting three dimensional blocks she put in for some extra pop!

And her other completed stack and whack from her demonstration.  Margo sure was busy this past month!

Becky finished this disappearing four patch for another Comfort Quilt

And one more in the same pattern but with different colors.  Love this interesting pattern!

Nancy made this fun blue & white jelly roll race quilt 

And this one that she added some fun borders to make it just a little bit bigger

Jeanette put this together from leftover blocks from one of our group projects from last year 

And she freemotion quilted this beauty!  Way to go Jeanette!

Stormy sewed up a storm this past month, starting with this cute half square triangle quilt

And did another half square triangle pattern with these blocks.  It's always so fun to see all the different ways you can use just one block.

And she did an amazing job with this strip quilt

This quilt has some really great quilting done by Stormy.  She sure was busy sewing!

After Sew and Tell, we had Kathy Porter, our Past President of the Utah Quilt Guild, share with us her great techniques for using colored pencils, watercolor pencils, paints, and Intense pencils to create beautiful "applique" on quilts.  

She shared a few if her secrets for achieving this look.  

1. Mount your fabric on either freezer paper or  Craft Bond to stabilize the fabric.  

2.  When using colored pencils, use a Colorless Blender to achieve a smoother look.

3.  Once you've completed your coloring, use a textile medium to seal your colors in place.  Kathy recommends using an iron to set the colors also.  

She also uses Setacolor Paints, which you can purchase here or here but her absolute favorite medium to use are Intense Pencils blended with textile medium

We had so much fun trying out this technique!  We hope to see some finished projects in the future from all of you.  

We will see all of you at the meeting next month! Happy Quilting!


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